Spoken English

Why is fast English so hard to understand?

When we speak in conversation, we don’t pronounce each word clearly, and we often join words together. This means that it is difficult to hear when words begin and end, because we pronounce them as one long sound. They want the words to be pronounced separately and clearly, so they can understand them. But think about your own language. You don’t stop and start between words and if I listen to your language, I will not be able to understand where it begins and ends.

What about the grammar and vocabulary?

You don’t need to focus on this much, because by listening, repeating and speaking the file over and over again, you naturally absorb the grammar and vocabulary, and you will find that you can use it without thinking next time the opportunity arises.

How can I improve my spoken English?

Some people are shy to speak a new language with others. This shyness is mostly associated with the fear that "I will make mistakes." If you are shy to speak English with other people, read the following.

Use a sound recorder to work on your pronunciation. All computers now include a sound recording device. Read out words to the sound recorder, listen to your pronunciation, and repeat the word, phrase or sentence until you get better. See pronunciation video lessons. Every day, read aloud to yourself a piece of text, news or anything of interest.

Study a conversation. Role play with someone using the conversation lesson. If you don't have anybody to role play with, then use a mirror. Speak aloud looking into the mirror.

Learn something every day in English. Do things you like. Then talk about them in English.

Do the following exercise before the mirror: Imagine each line first and then say it aloud looking into the mirror:

I don't fear about making mistakes when I speak English.

I am doing a good job when I speak English with others.

I tolerate my mistakes. I am learning English. I appreciate my efforts.

I am improving my English with my efforts and good work.

People like me as a person. I am nice to talk with. People speak with me because of my good qualities as a person. They don't mind if I slip at times because English is not my mother tongue. I am learning and and improving it every day.

I am powerful. I have all the power to feel good about my English. No one can make me feel bad about it. I make mistakes only to learn from my mistakes.

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